Future Ready

Create Your Future Ready Action Plan

It’s time to STAND UP and do a short “happy dance” to celebrate your progress thus far. Great job finishing Step 3! Step 4 is not for the faint of heart - Now, on to the REAL ACTION!

Task One: Review and Edit Your District’s Vision Statements (Overall and Gear By Gear)
Estimated Time: 60 Minutes

By now, you should consider the timeline for completing your action plan. A variety of meetings to tackle these tasks and ensure coherence among team members is strongly recommended. Your team’s next task is to begin formulating your Future Ready Action Plan. Inside the Menu, select "Begin Action Planning", and begin by reviewing your district's vision statements.


  • Inside the Menu and "Begin Action Planning", begin by reviewing your various vision statements.
  • Review and discuss as a team. Make any necessary revisions to your team’s vision statements.
  • Select the “District Vision for Each Gear” section and;
  • Review and discuss as a team. Make any necessary revisions to your team’s vision for each of the seven gear areas plus leadership. (Note: There is one comprehensive District Leadership Self-Assessment and 8 deeper dive, gear level assessments.)

Task Two: Set Goals to Achieve Your Vision
Estimated Time: 2 Hours

Either as one longer, retreat-like conversation, or broken into several shorter planning sessions, brainstorm and add specific goals that need to be accomplished for your district’s vision to be realized. In the Menu section, select "Begin Action Planning" to begin setting goals. Then, utilize the “Evidence Box” to guide your goal setting conversation by highlighting your district’s readiness levels, as well as the gaps and suggested strategies for your focus gear area(s).

Quick Tip 1: Each gear should include at least three goals to support the vision, but could include an unlimited number depending on the scope of each goal and your district's approach to the Future Ready Action Plan.

Quick Tip 2: Districts should not try to complete all gear sections simultaneously. Working on too many sections at once, especially for districts with a limited staff, can cause "information paralysis". We recommend that district leadership teams begin this step by focusing on one or two gear areas of their choosing.

Task Three: Select Strategies to Support the Goals
Estimated Time: 30 Minutes per Gear Area

This task can be completed as a group activity, or completed by gear managers assigned to particular areas. Strategies have been developed by nationwide leaders who have already been successful in navigating this shift. These experts, all with district level experience, provided specific strategies to address each of the potential gaps identified in the assessments.


  • In the Goal Setting section, choose a gear and a gap to review the suggested strategies. If you would like to see all the strategies for the gear click the button at the top right corner that says "Show all gaps and strategies".
  • Review your district’s gaps and the suggested strategies.
  • Select applicable strategies and "Add it to a Goal" within your action plan. This area is where your team's collective goals will be operationalized into specific strategies, actionable next steps, tasks, and responsibilities. Once all of the recommended strategies have been exhausted for each of the gear areas, you'll be able to export your team's plan to review your overall action planning progress. 

Not where you want it to be yet? Don’t fret. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to work on other gear areas, add goals, create your own strategies, assign responsibilities, discuss remaining challenges, and get stakeholder input before your customized, district-developed Future Ready Action Plan is complete!

Finished with Step 4? Move to Step 5 to do a final review and begin sharing your action plan!

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