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A 5 Step Process for Creating Your Future Ready Action Plan

The 5 Step Planning Process is designed to help educators with creating sound, research-based action plans for implementing personalized student-centered learning. Embarking on this work takes leadership, time, patience, courage, collaboration, trust, and some trial and error to get it right. With that in mind, this planning tool guides district teams through collecting and analyzing data on their readiness across each gear in the Future Ready Framework, identifying specific strategies and next steps for implementation, and producing a comprehensive action plan for implementing their specific initiative. We celebrate your leadership and encourage you to jump in. 

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Need help? Check out our FAQ page. If you have technical issues or prefer live feedback, click the Help button at the bottom of each page and Dr. Avril Smart Goggans will guide you through the process. 

Assemble a Future Ready Schools® Planning Team

Measure District Readiness

Gather Input from Stakeholders

Create Your Future Ready Action Plan

Export, Share, Connect, and Repeat!

Download more information about the Future Ready Dashboard here.

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