The Future Ready Framework

Budget and Resources

Consistent Funding Streams

The District has consistent and flexible funding that enables equitable access to optimal learning environments. Budgets for technology-enabled learning tools and resources are addressed in short and long-term fiscal plans. Funding sources are identified in the District’s annual maintenance and operation budgets with minimal reliance on grants or other temporary sources. Funding for digital learning is integrated across multiple budget areas where appropriate.
Investigating (0-3) Envisioning (4-5) Planning (6-7) Staging (8-10)
District leaders investigate and analyze innovative and best practice methods for consistent and sustainable funding of digital learning environments and technology-enabled learning initiatives as part of annual maintenance and operation budgets. District leaders and budget development teams also investigate alternative funding sources (i.e., public/private partnerships, community donations, foundation awards, etc.) that can assist the district initiate or maintain consistent funding. District leaders analyze current budgeting strategies relevant to technology-enabled learning tools, resources and instructional practice. This would include budgeting for broadband, network infrastructure, hardware, technical support, instructional content, and professional learning. A cross-functional budget team uses the analyses of innovative and best practice examples and practices to envision and propose potential transformational funding strategies and scenarios. Based on District vision and priorities for supporting digital learning, district leaders develop a viable plan that identifies funding priorities, propose viable funding streams and timelines, and define accountability measures. District leaders have identified viable funding sources for short and long-term funding. The District is committed to consistent and sustainable expenditures with explicit intent to support digital learning over time.