The Future Ready Framework

Community Partnerships

Global and Cultural Awareness

The community partnerships extend and deepen students’ knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of cultures and communities other than their own. Digital networks enable students and education professionals to connect, interact, and collaborate with other students, experts, and organizations from outside of their locale. The school builds the capacity of students to recognize and value diversity, enabling them to participate successfully in community partnerships online and face-to-face.
Investigating (0-3) Envisioning (4-5) Planning (6-7) Staging (8-10)
District leaders conduct a review of effective models of school-community partnerships that build global and cultural awareness. Representatives attend conference sessions, talk with district leaders who are implementing such programs, and identify key characteristics of effective learner-centered practices. District leaders conduct public and internal sessions on school-community partnerships locally and globally. Educators across the district envision such environments at all levels. District leaders include global and cultural awareness in their district and school visions. District leaders establish a formal planning process to develop an implementation plan that supports/establishes local and global community partnerships at all levels. That plan includes a glide path, budget, and pathway for schools to make this transition. District leaders establish and communicate clear expectations that schools/classrooms will include opportunities for local and global community partnerships. All capacity-building elements are in place or carefully readied for implementation (e.g., associated series of professional development and training, models, curricular materials, and instructional coaches).