The Future Ready Framework

Community Partnerships

Parental Communication and Engagement

School leaders engage parents and students in home-to-school communications through a variety of venues. While this may include internet-based solutions, it also includes options that do not depend on connectivity in the home.
Investigating (0-3) Envisioning (4-5) Planning (6-7) Staging (8-10)
District leaders research options for parental communications and engagement. They survey connectivity needs among parents before designing communication systems. District leaders include specific language and requirements for parental communications and engagement in all district plans, instructional and technological. They envision a communication system designed for parents that is flexible and adaptable to meet the families’ needs. District leaders develop a comprehensive plan for parental communication and engagement that includes both connected and traditional communications media. District leaders design, produce, and deploy a robust communication system that is responsive to the needs of individual families. The system is flexible and adaptable at the school level. It includes specific strategies for drawing parents into frequent dialogue with staff members regarding the needs and accomplishments of their children.