The Future Ready Framework

Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Leveraging Technology

Educators in digital learning environments integrate learning-enabling technology seamlessly into the teaching and learning process. These educators have the skills to adopt multiple, highly effective learning technologies and adapt to diverse, evolving learning structures to assure that the use of technology adds value to the learning process.
Investigating (0-3) Envisioning (4-5) Planning (6-7) Staging (8-10)
District technology and curriculum staff members collaborate with other key stakeholders in an investigation of the latest research and best practices related to technology-enabled learning. District leaders and key stakeholders establish a common vision for building and sustaining a digital learning environment that clearly defines the role technology plays in supporting these new learning environments. Instructional leaders review all curricula for opportunities to apply current technologies to improve teaching and learning in ways that align with research and best practices. They then align and integrate these technologies into all curriculum documents. Instructional leaders prepare a plan for proactively integrating technology into teaching and learning practices throughout the district. This includes professional learning plans and communities of practice. They pilot robust and effective integration of learning technologies within the curriculum.