The Future Ready Framework

Collaborative Leadership

Transformative, Coherent Thinking, Planning, Policies, and Implementation

The district’s forward-thinking vision is advanced through leaders’ transformative thinking. Leaders have ensured that the district’s policies are coherent with the philosophy underpinning the vision (e. g., personalizing professional learning for education professionals, just as they personalize learning for students). They have developed strategic plans that map potential pathways to the district’s preferred future, and have created the tactical and financial plans and dedicated budget necessary for implementation. As they implement they monitor, adjust, build capacity, and incrementally improve.
Investigating (0-3) Envisioning (4-5) Planning (6-7) Staging (8-10)
District leaders study the processes by which other districts successfully transformed their school system to deepen and extend learning through technology. District leaders identify the changes that will be required in their schools in order to attain the vision they have set for digital, 21st Century learning. District leaders develop a strategic plan to advance digital learning. The plan uses the Future Ready framework to ensure coherent thinking across the system’s policies, procedures, cultures, practices, and investments. District leaders work with policymakers to adopt the strategic plan as a way forward to attaining the vision. While working toward coherence across the district, the plan is implemented in ways that empower district and school leaders and teams with the flexibility to think and innovate as they make decisions that meet the needs of learners.