The Future Ready Framework

Personalized Professional Learning

21st Century Skill Set

Educators have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills to address a 21st Century focus (e.g., critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, communication, technology competencies, self-direction, information literacy, etc.). Professional learning includes immersion in the learning sciences research to provide support and insights into more student-centered instructional practices and for the purposeful promotion of deeper learning/21st Century skills in all students. Educators master a variety of new, research-based instructional strategies to better engage students and prepare them for college and beyond. In doing so they broaden their own 21st Century skill set.
Investigating (0-3) Envisioning (4-5) Planning (6-7) Staging (8-10)
The investigative focus is on the learning sciences research related to 21st Century learning and technology-enabled learning. District leaders build on key research studies and associated effective practices related to 21st Century skills to inform scenario building and visioning. They envision student learning environments and their individual and team professional practices, which incorporate 21st Century skills, technology/media-enabled learning, and technical skill development. District leaders develop a professional learning plan that addresses 21st Century skills. It includes staying current with research and trends on 21st Century skills, plus policies and funding for professional learning that, when implemented will result in increased capacity by teachers, administrators, and other education professionals to integrate proven 21st Century skill sets into classroom practices and professional learning. District leaders assign roles and responsibilities for the implementation of the plan. They formally adopt expectations for education professionals to acquire such competencies within a specified timeframe, offering diverse pathways for staff to acquire such competencies. They establish sets of metrics to gauge progress. Plans include competency-based skill assessment for 21st Century learning and technology-enabled learning in professional learning that are designed to lead to integration in classroom practices and professional practices.