The Future Ready Framework

Personalized Professional Learning

Diverse Opportunities for Professional Learning Through Technology

Digital leaders model new types of professional learning and ensure that educators have access to (and the technology savvy necessary to leverage) professional development opportunities that are diverse, customizable and often supported by the latest technologies. Professional learning is available anytime in a variety of modes. Alternative models are supported through coherent policies and practices in the district.
Investigating (0-3) Envisioning (4-5) Planning (6-7) Staging (8-10)
District leaders collect research on the effectiveness of a broad spectrum of professional learning options and recent cognitive science research on the importance of choice and participant engagement in adult learning. District leaders consider their research findings as they strategize on the benefits and pitfalls to new, alternative forms of professional learning now possible through technology and social media. They have made efforts to understand current professional learning practices (both formal and informal) of education professionals, and have started to expand their own use of technology mediated professional learning. District leaders have collected data on current practice, skills, and available technologies. They have used that data to develop a plan for professional learning that includes a broad spectrum of opportunities from face-to-face, through new technology-mediated options. The plan addresses elements essential to the success of these new options including the assurance that education professionals have required technologies and associated skills, and that policies related to professional learning support such options. District leaders have shared their plan for professional learning, being transparent about the link between the professional learning in the district and recent research. They encourage, model, and provide opportunities for a broad spectrum of professional learning. That spectrum ranges from series of face-to-face professional learning, to professional learning through social media. There is access to required technologies, and opportunities to develop the skills that enable the use of those technologies. Education professionals are expected to choose options that meet their needs and to participate fully in the professional learning District policies are revised to ensure coherence.