The Future Ready Framework

Personalized Professional Learning

Shared Ownership and Responsibility for Professional Growth

Teachers, administrators, and other education professionals actively support their own professional practices by using technology, eLearning, and social media to optimize learning and teaching. They are actively taking responsibility for their own professional growth through professional learning networks (PLNs), online communities of practice, eLearning, and social media (e.g., Twitter feeds, EdCamps, blogging and following bloggers, on-demand videos, etc.). Educators have access to collaborative tools and digital environments that break down classroom, school, and district walls. Professional development encourages, facilitates, and often requires that they individually and collaboratively create, join, and sustain professional networks both within and outside of the district, frequently leveraging the latest in social media. The district has established flexible policies and practices that encourage and credit the personalization of professional learning for teachers, administrators and other education professionals.
Investigating (0-3) Envisioning (4-5) Planning (6-7) Staging (8-10)
District leaders investigate the use of technology, the Internet and social media in self-directed professional learning of teachers, administrators, and other education professionals. They review the research on adult learning related to personalized, self-directed learning, and to outside of education to identify models in other sectors. District leaders build on key research studies and the opportunities that digital and social media present to today’s education professionals as they conceptualize shared ownership and responsibility for professional learning. They build scenarios for a preferred future, identifying the policy, practice, and cultural shifts their district will need to implement personalized learning successfully for all education professionals. District leaders formulate a plan for shared ownership and responsibility of professional growth based on their investigations, research, and their preferred future scenarios. They pilot the new approach within a limited number of current programs, evaluate, and adjust the plan through lessons learned. District leaders model the innovative use of technology, eLearning, and social media in the professional learning offered through the district. They do the same as they take ownership of their own professional growth, in part by engaging in self-directed professional learning networks on a daily basis. They formally adopt policies and procedures and set expectations for shared ownership and responsibility of professional learning among all education professionals in the district and build the capacity of all leaders in the district to implement the plan using established policies and procedures.