The Future Ready Framework

Use of Space and Time

Competency-Based Learning

One facet of personalized learning, Competency-Based Learning (CBL), integrates student voice and choice, flexible paced learning with timely support, and demonstration of academic proficiency. Pace of learning is flexible based on the needs of individual students and the challenges of complex, often project-based work. Timely support is provided to accommodate learning needs and guarantee access to content and resources. Upon mastery of explicit, measurable and transferable outcomes that demonstrate the application and creation of knowledge, learners move on to a new, targeted standard or course.
Investigating (0-3) Envisioning (4-5) Planning (6-7) Staging (8-10)
District leaders are accessing current research, investigating current trends, and identifying best practices with competency-based learning. They are utilizing extant resources to develop a deep understanding of competency-based learning as it relates to digital learning. District leaders have a vision for competency-based learning that is grounded in research and best practice. That vision leverages technology, and supports the districts vision for personalized learning. With a common vision in place, key stakeholders have been able to assist the district in building out scenarios that create the best opportunities for the district. District leaders have developed a plan to transition to competency-based learning. This plan includes provisions for providing the district with necessary data to train teachers, inform stakeholders, redesign curriculum, and envision new ways of facilitating instruction and assessment. A gap or needs analysis has identified the infrastructure that will be necessary to support competency-based learning. As a part of the overall plan they have identified policies, budgets, and issues of equity in accessibility of devices and high-speed Internet to allow for the full opportunities of this transition to be realized. District leaders have enacted their plan, with new policies that establish competency-based learning in place. With the necessary infrastructure, policies, and budgets in place issues related to equity and access have been addressed. Teachers and students are prepared for the transition to competency-based learning, and the district is staged with redesigned curriculum, instruction and assessment practices.