The Future Ready Framework

Use of Space and Time

As a follow up to this Alliance for Excellent Education Project 24 Leadership Series Webinar, we discuss a number of keys to classroom redesign, the research behind designing a brain-friendly learning environment, and cost effective ways to transform student learning spaces. During the conversation, six keys to transformation became evident.
Alliance for Excellent Education

The Blended Learning Universe is the go-to resource for all things blended learning, including an interactive directory of schools across the world that have gone blended.
Christensen Institute

A five-part set of modules on Khan Academy providing guidance on how to deliver high quality blended learning, including an introduction of definitions and models, creating the ideal student experience, teaching in a blended learning environment, redesigning a school toward blended learning, and making aligned decisions in a blended environment.
Christensen Institute; Silicon Schools Fund

A practical field guide on navigating the transition to blended learning and a more student-centered education system.
Michael B. Horn; Heather Staker

This Google Hangout explores how classroom spaces can be transformed into brain-friendly digital learning environments. As founders of, Erin Klein, Benjamin Gilpin, and A. J. Juliani discuss how the learning environment, including physical spaces, plays a key role in how students learn and how creating a digital environment in such a space can transform the learning process as a whole.
Alliance for Excellent Education

This report highlights the efforts of high schools implementing multiple Linked Learning pathways in the Los Angeles, Oakland, Porterville, and Sacramento Unified School Districts. Each of these pathways has reconfigured the use of time in order to provide students with a more effective learning experience.
Alliance for Excellent Education

Many schools across the country are rethinking the use of time within and beyond the school day. Released September 23, 2014, this report suggests that the addition of time or different uses of time should begin with a strong vision on behalf of schools and districts to provide new and innovative models of education to increase student engagement and improve college and career readiness.
Alliance for Excellent Education

The result of a two-year study, the report examines the history of the influential, century-old Carnegie Unit and its impact on education reform in K-12 and higher education.
Carnegie Foundation

This webinar will explore what states and districts are doing related to time and competency-based learning, including an update on West Virginia’s efforts to reimagine time through their ground-breaking strategic planning effort to personalize learning for all of their students. Panelists will also address questions submitted by viewers from across the country.
Alliance for Excellent Education; iNACOL

This report provides critical questions and opportunities for policies that enable rather than hinder performance-based learning.