Address, Assign, Export, and Share!
Wooho! Your leadership team is almost there! A few more Future Ready Action Planning meetings and then it’s time for a happy hour to celebrate with your team on a job well done! One secret – this last step is the easiest of them all… Your Future Ready Action Plan is nearly complete!

Task One: Review By Gear and As a Team and Assign Tasks
Estimated Time: 30-90 Minutes per Gear

This portion of the process can be done independently among gear leaders. The goal for this task is to develop a full section of the action plan reflecting stakeholder input, in-depth goal setting, strategy review and allocation of responsibilities.


  • Each gear manager should monitor the gear section for which they were responsible in the "Assign Tasks" section to ensure all of the desired goals and strategies are included. This may include adding new goals or strategies to address the stakeholder input received in Step 3 in meaningful and substantive ways.
  • Each gear manager should fill in the responsibilities, timeline, expected budget, and any pertinent notes for each goal before the plan is complete.
  • The Future Ready Project Manager should meet with each gear manager to review each gear-specific section of the action plan.
  • As a team, review the action plan in its entirety to identify inconsistencies, missing pieces, or necessary alterations.

Task Two: Export, Customize, and Jazz Up Your Plan
Estimated Time: 30 Minutes

It’s time to export and celebrate your Future Ready Action Plan! Once complete, teams are able to download their action plans as a text-based (.rtf) file. As such, action plans can easily be edited in whatever way best serves your leadership team. Use the text file as the "guts" of your plan and customize it by adding your district logo, infographics, images, etc. This information can now be used as the digital learning transformation guidelines, as part of the strategic or comprehensive planning process, for budget needs, future district visioning, and for implementing your Future Ready Action Plan!


  1. Click on "Begin Action Planning” in the Menu.
  2. Click "Export Your Progress".

Task Three: Share, Connect and be Recognized Nationally!
Estimated Time: TBD by District’s Desired Involvement

Your action plan is something for which your district should be extremely proud! Share it internally and with your stakeholders – letting them know how to stay up-to-date with your latest progress. Also, make sure to stay connected through the Future Ready Website where you can get help with gear-by-gear implementation any time along the way. Please support the Initiative by sharing promising strategies with districts who come behind you – send us a note using the "Help" button throughout the Dashboard. Finally, don’t be shy! Suggest improvements to the Dashboard and if willing, share your plan with Future Ready so that we can celebrate in your success!


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