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Create Your Future Ready Action Plan

It’s time to celebrate your progress thus far - Great job finishing Step 3! Step 4 just got a lot easier and is aligned to ESSA's Title IV - So follow the prompts to create a customized, research-based Future Ready Action Plan

Task One: Assign Gear Level Leaders and Set A Timeline

By now, you should consider the timeline for completing your action plan and set milestones as a team. This may require a series of weekly meetings to tackle each task and ensure coherence among the Leadership Team. It is also suggested that a Gear Leader is assigned for each section that you expect to tackle in your plan. Click here to start your Future Ready Action Plan

Task Two: Write the Narrative and Use Evidence to Set Goals

The planning template provides ideas and directions for which sections should be included in your plan (e.g., background, theory of action, statement of leadership, evaluation and communications).  The tool also pulls in all the information you have included in previous steps. For example, your vision statements and assessment data will be used to build your district's action plan. Be sure to use “Evidence Box” to guide your goal setting by analyzing your district’s readiness levels in each element. Here's a Sample FRS Action Plan to give you an idea of what your district could create using the planning tool. Keep in mind plans can have a more direct focus (e.g., tackling one or two gears), or have an intensive work plan for each Future Ready gear. Use the dashboard to create an action plan that fits your specific district needs and priorities.

Quick Tip 1: Each gear should include at least three goals to support the vision, but could include an unlimited number depending on the scope of each goal and your district's approach to the Future Ready Action Plan.

Quick Tip 2: Districts may not want to complete all gear sections simultaneously. Working on too many sections at once, especially for districts with a limited staff, can cause "information paralysis". We recommend assigning a Gear Leader who will use the evidence and draft goals to be reviewed and approved by the broader Future Ready Leadership team. Districts may also choose to focus their plan on a small pilot using all gears, or a one or two gears.

Task Three: Select Strategies to Support the Goals

This task can be completed as a group activity, or completed by individual gear leaders and then discussed as a team. The strategies presented are aligned to the Future Ready gears and the four readiness levels.  They were created by leaders from across the US who have already been successful in navigating this shift. These experts, all with district level experience, provided specific strategies to address each of the potential gaps identified in the assessments. You should see this as your "sandbox" to collaborate as a team, set goals, and select from hundreds of practitioner created strategies that have been used in successful digital transitions like Moorseville (NC), Vista Unified School District (CA), Bristol Warren (RI), and Vancouver Public Schools (WA). 

Export your plan for review, revision, finalization, and distribution!

You've finished Step 4! Move to Step 5 to do a final review and begin sharing your Action Plan.

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