Assemble a Future Ready Schools Planning Team
District leadership teams use the FRS interactive planning dashboard to plan effectively and implement personalized learning for all students. As each district assembles an FRS leadership team, include a cross-section of leaders that represent a variety of viewpoints and foster an environment where everyone is able to speak freely. Scroll down to see how.

Ready to Get Started? 
Accessing the dashboard is simple. To create an account, complete the user profile with your name, email, and additional information about your district.
After logging in,  click "District Users" in the menu section to access your team and it's current members. To invite other leaders in the district to join your team, click " Invite Users" and we'll send them an email on your behalf.

For a more formal invitation, use this email template to introduce other leaders in the district to the Future Ready Schools planning process and encourage them to get on board. 

Your district leadership team should include a minimum of 5 members but no more than 12 members, depending on the size of the district. Choose team members who can assist with collecting information, setting goals, and creating an FRS action plan for the district.  Recommended types of team members include the following:

  • Superintendent
  • Assistant superintendent
  • School board members
  • Community and/or business leader
  • School-based ed-tech leaders or instructional coaches
  • Finance or business officers
  • Teachers
  • Principals
  • Librarian / Media Specialist
  • Directors of professional learning
  • Directors of curriculum, instruction, and Assessment
  • Director of education technology / Chief information officers
  • Parents / Guardians
  • Union leaders
  • Middle or high school students

Once you've recruited your team, identify an"FRS project manager" who will schedule meetings, send reminders, assign responsibilities, and move the planning process along as the team leader.   His/her name will appear on the "Create and Manage Teams" page as the primary contact for the district. If the project manager for your district changes or is incorrect, please click the "Help" button; a member of the FRS support team will make the change.

When your district completes Step 1, go to Step 2 to take the District Leadership Self-Assessment as a team.

Questions on Step 1? Contact us at [email protected]