Future Ready

Create a Future Ready Leadership Planning Team
As the team is developed, it’s important that a variety of viewpoints are represented and that everyone is able to speak freely. Be sure to include elementary, middle, high school representatives, as well as various positions (teacher, principal, district level) to ensure your Future Ready Action Plan adequately represents the entire district.  

Ready to Get Started? 
Upon taking the Future Ready District Pledge, Superintendents and their team can utilize the Future Ready Interactive Planning Dashboard. As a Superintendent, you can login using the email address and password you submitted when taking the pledge. You will then click on your "Create and Manage My Teams" in the Menu section to add team members. Depending on the size and agility of your district, your team should include 8-15 people, potentially representing the roles listed below.

It is strongly recommended that your team internally identifies a "Future Ready Project Manager" who will schedule meetings, send reminders, assign responsibilities, and move the planning process along as the team leader.  It is also recommended that each district has one leadership team, possibly led by the Superintendent, participating in the action planning process. There is an opportunity to create additional teams, or sub-groups, to gather colleague and stakeholder perceptions later in the planning process, during Step 3. For now, your team should consist of those team members who will be assisting in Future Ready planning. Some recommended team members include:

  • Superintendent
  • Assistant Superintendent
  • Education Technology Leader
  • Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
  • Director of Professional Learning
  • Technology Director / CIO
  • Librarian / Media Specialist
  • Elementary School Principal
  • Elementary School Teacher
  • Secondary School Principal
  • Secondary School Teacher
  • Finance and Business Officer
  • School based edtech leader or instructional coach
  • Community and/or Business Leader
  • School Board Member
  • Union Leader
  • Middle or High School Students

When you have completed Step 1, go to Step 2 to take the District Leadership Self-Assessment as a team.

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