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Take the Future Ready District Leadership Self-Assessment
Congratulations on completing the first step in developing your district’s Future Ready Action Plan. Now that your Future Ready Leadership Team has been created, you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work! Step 2 is significantly more involved, and includes the following two tasks:

Task One: As a Team, Take the Future Ready District Leadership Self-Assessment
Estimated Time: 2 to 2.5 Hours

Convene your Future Ready Leadership Team and work together to take the District Leadership Self-Assessment. Ideally you will have one computer connected to a projector so the team can read and discuss each question before one person, presumably, the Future Ready Project Manager, submits the answers online representing the thoughts of the group. Some districts elect to distribute copies of the self-assessment prior to the meeting to allow team members to think through the questions prior to the team discussion. Completing the District Leadership Self-Assessment (located in the left drop-down navigation menu) typically takes teams between 2 and 2.5 hours depending on the length of discussion regarding each question. So, plan accordingly! 

Quick Tip 1:  It's essential that the District Leadership Self-Assessment be completed by a group that represents a cross-section of the district. It is not intended to be completed by a single person, but to be representative of many voices. Also, it's always smart to provide donuts, cookies, Future Ready cupcakes, or other sweet treats and caffeine to entice great discussion!

Quick Tip 2: The project manager organizing the self-assessment should ensure that all participants are encouraged to voice their opinions, especially if they disagree. For instance, it is vital that teachers represent their group as a whole and are encouraged to disagree with administrators who may have a different response. Creating this culture of trust and respect, and creating such meeting norms, is an imperative part of the planning process. 

Task Two: Analyze and Discuss Your District's Scores and Readiness Levels
Estimated Time: 90 Minutes to 2 Hours

Upon completion of the District Leadership Self-Assessment your team’s results will populate in the dashboard within 20 minutes of submission. Once populated, the district team can view the self-assessment results in the "Reports" section, located in the dropdown menu. We encourage you to schedule a separate meeting, on another day, to complete this step.

Quick Tip: To access your report, click “Reports” in the dropdown Menu Section. If you would like to view the report as a PDF file, it can be downloaded while viewing the report by clicking the “Export DTA Report” button. We do not encourage districts to print this file, as it is in excess of 60 pages.

Quick Tip: While analyzing the results, district teams should work collaboratively through the following guiding questions before moving to Step 3.

  • What is your perception of the overall readiness scores? Does it reflect where we think we are as a district?
  • What things stand out? Which results confirmed our thinking? What are some surprises? 
  • What is our district doing well and what needs improvement based on this readiness levels?
  • What other stakeholders should join the conversation for each of the gear areas? 
  • Visit the Future Ready Framework and investigate the description, resources, and levels of readiness within each gear.

District leaders should then begin to consider a specific leader for each gear who will be responsible for compiling resources, gathering input, reporting progress, and ultimately completing that section of the Future Ready Action Plan. This will begin in Step 3 of the planning process.

Completed Step 2? Go to Step 3 to begin analyzing results and gathering input.

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